Welcome to Brooke Ebel Fine Art

Welcome to Brooke Ebel Fine Art


"People from another planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us" --Iris Murdoch

Art flowered around the edges of my life for many years until I finally decided to invite it into a more central place. In doing so, joy has flourished and more than art has issued from my canvases.

In my past work as a high school educator, dance instructor, and nutrition therapist, I began with abstracts and moved to concrete lessons, rich discoveries, and life defining commitments.

As an artist the opposite has been the case. I began with the concrete, the obvious, using a technique of mathematical grids and color cells, often choosing flowers as my subject because they are accessible and generous and speak a language almost everyone understands. This structured beginning soon took me into the abstracts of imagination and the tidy grids bled into the background, making room for new points of view and instructive relational tensions.

And so I've become fascinated with the abstract and invite others into my art to make their own discoveries, walk their own labyrinths of the spirit, and celebrate their own mad joys.